Design services

For customers who seek electronics design services.

Appcom strong areas of knowledge that customer can utilize rapidly for their development needs:

  • Products needing ethernet/internet connectivity and distributed systems
  • Integrating web technologies to product
  • Systems utilizing short-range radio connectivity
  • Deep knowledge in cost factors of both electronics manufacturing and components, and also their cost effective sourcing
  • Project planning and documentation following ISO9001 guidelines

Appcom wants to work in co-operation with customer, design a product fulfilling customer specifications and deliver manufacturing documentation to customer.

We have strong experience in following sectors of electronics design:

  • Design and manufacturing of products with SMD technology
  • Lead free manufacturing processes including reflow and wave soldering
  • Schematic and printed circuit board design
  • Embedded software design
  • Test development
  • Design of product mechanics
  • Testing during development

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