Appcom TEMEX temperature monitoring system

Appcom Oy, a finnish company focusing on electronics and automation design, has developed an automated system to monitor temperatures in food processing and bakery industries. TEMEX was developed in close co-operation with bakery professionals. TEMEX is ideal for self-monitorin critical control points according to HACCP-model. System includes an easy-to-use web interface that is used for system control and printing out reports.

Why is TEMEX a great investment:

  • Critical control point monitoring and saving is fully automatic
  • Self-monitoring doesn't allocate human resources, resources are freed for productive tasks
  • Quick and easy printing of reports for authorities
  • Alert SMS sent to designated mobile phones in error situations; quick response to failures
  • Possibility to control system remotely via encrypted internet connection
  • Prove your processes to customers

Advantages of wireless system

  • Less cables, better hygieny
  • Easy to expand system. More and different types of sensors are easy to add to system

Parts of system

TEMEX system consists of Appcom 101 Linux CPU, GSM-module, backup battery, wireless receiver for sensors, wireless sensors and system software

System deployment

  • Choose your critical temperature control points
  • Set minimum and maximum temperatures for each control point
  • Decide who's going to administer system users
  • Decide who's going to receive SMS alerts from system
  • Appcom will install the system and give necessary orientation for people involved
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